John Krupo

Vice President

“We have to be all about customer focus. Oftentimes, you hear about “exceeding their expectations”. I don’t think that’s it. It’s about treating customers like our associates, like family. Going the extra mile to take care of them. Who doesn’t want to do business with someone they like and can connect with?”


Krupo (so many John’s in the organization) is a relative newbie to the company, joining the family in 2012. Initially a CPA out of college, he gravitated to the operations arena over his career. His background is in manufacturing, as he loves working at companies that “make stuff”. He believes teamwork and customer focus are keys to a successful company. He’s introduced the LEAN concept to ICP resulting in greater efficiencies and a more engaged workforce. Finally, one of the most important ingredients is FUN. If you’re having fun, you’re happy. And if you’re happy, it shows in your work and how you treat your customers. 


Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Go Panthers!