John Bisswurm, Sr.

Goodwill Ambassador

“We don’t need to be the biggest, just the best!”


John Bisswurm Sr., a German-born immigrant, came to the United States in 1950s with training in traditional carpentry. As a young Carpenter, his personal focus on craftsmanship eventually landed him on high profile projects such as the Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee--designed by acclaimed Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Over time, John ventured into the precast world, opening his own plant and teaching several of his 15 children the tricks of the trade. With over 50 years of precast experience, John’s knowledge is invaluable to ICP’s success. 

As the Father-figure of International Concrete Products, Inc., his expertise has trickled down to each and every element of the business and the company’s success can largely be attributed to his commitment to excellence.